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What’s a challenging aspect of your work that people don’t usually know about?
It takes a lot more work to get one person a job than you’d probably think. It takes a lot of hours, a lot of phone calls, and a lot of emails.

You moved to Singapore from the United Kingdom—what brought you here, and what do you miss most about home?
I’m from Nottingham, and I’ve been here for five years. It was my husband who brought me to Singapore—he was offered a job here, so I came along, and here we are. It’s hard to miss anything when you’re in Singapore. So, not that much actually—just my friends and family, though sometimes, I miss the weather being a bit cooler and being able to wear lots of layers.

If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?
I’d definitely want to see what’s going on in Beyoncé’s real life. I should say something more intellectual (laughs), but yes, it’ll definitely be interesting to step into her shoes. She’s almost fictional at this point.

What’s your favourite Singlish phrase?
Look see look see. “Can” is probably the one I use the most though.

What’s your key interview tip?
Be yourself. Because if you fake it, you might find later down the line that the job’s not as good a fit for you as you’d think.

What are some TV shows you’ve been watching recently?
I’m definitely addicted to Netflix like everyone else. I’d recommend Good Girls, it’s quite a good series—it’s about a bunch of housewives who are all underachievers, but then they rob a bank and become gangsters. Big Mouth’s a cartoon that’s kinda funny, and I’m always into crime documentaries, so Making a Murderer, Innocent Man, and Confession Tapes are also on my list.

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