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Forever New


Pierre Hardy




|| Bisonte

Is there a life motto you stick by?
“To love every single being, as thou love thyself. It is the answer to every challenges life can throw at us.”

2019 was a very tough year with unforeseen challenges—from fatal illnesses of close family members, family conflicts and bumps in business. Through this journey, I was able to find the relationship I’ve always wanted to have with God. I’ve learnt that if you face everyone with love and put others before yourself, you’ll find a bigger perspective in life. By doing this you will be far more grateful, far more giving and far more fulfilled. 

You’re building a time capsule for your future generations to see in a hundred years’ time—what are the three things you’ll choose to place inside?
Seeds of trees or flowers that are close to extinction, our current mobile phone, printed family portraits. 

If you could switch occupations to any—regardless of possibility—which one would you choose?
I’d open a piano school and a gym next door with a healthy cafe/restaurant that serves super healthy food (there really aren’t enough of those in Asia) .

What’s your go-to midnight snack when you get hungry?
Berries—I have a strict lifestyle. 

You’re rather into adventure sports—what’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
Jumping into a near frozen lake in Russia in the middle of winter in December. 

If you could gain any superpower, which would you choose?
To regrow and heal mother nature. This way, we could always try to go back in time when we have not ruined this earth as much yet. 

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