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I’m originally from Hanoi.
I got married and moved to Singapore 14 years ago, and have been working at +LIM for nine years.

What’s your favourite part of your job?
When customers come to me and say “do what you want” or “it’s up to you”—that gives me the most happiness, because I can do anything. But of course it still has to look nice!

Craziest hairstyle you’ve done for someone:
Something very colourful—like a galaxy.

Would you switch occupations if you had the chance?
I don’t think I’ll change my occupation, actually. Cutting hair is like an adventure—every day there’s something new to learn and try.

What do you miss from back home?
The weather—we have four seasons in Hanoi, whereas in Singapore it’s only hot and/or raining. I miss winter, so when I do go on a trip I choose to only go to cold places. I used to have a cat and a dog back home too, but keeping a pet in Singapore is too expensive.

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