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Elaine’s entry into the fashion industry stems from a part-time stint in a luxury retail shop when she was still in college. It led to a growing curiosity about the fashion retail industry and an internship in the industry, culminating in her current position. “I love being able to interact with the industry people — even learning from them — and slowly forging real friendship bonds that go beyond work duties,” she says. “Also, I have plenty of opportunities to meet designers and fully understand what goes on behind the handling of a brand.” Perhaps Elaine loves her work so much that she sometimes gets a little too caught up. “I need 48 hours in a day,” she says. “Both friends and family have been sharing their concerns that I do not dedicate sufficient time to them — guilty as charged.” She’s now figured out some ways to make her time work for her. “Strictly prioritise and allocate your days. You’ll be able to slot in your different appointments easily once you have a basic schedule,” she says. “Also, in the midst of the chaos, allocate personal time for yourself.” If she could make her work life any better, she’d like to change the arrangement of her current office. “Wishfully, it would be an open-concept arrangement. I strongly believe that communication between colleagues are important and it will definitely help in bonding everyone closer,” she says. “Although, it would also be great if there are some private cubicles whenever one needs to have some private time. An added bonus would be a treadmill standing desk so you get to workout and work at the same time.” A good workout is all Elaine needs to relieve her stress. “After all, endorphins make you happy! I just grab my running gear and a darn good playlist and I’m all good.” Elaine still has a yearning to be a travel writer, if she could. “My favourite book is Smile When You’re Lying: Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer, by Chuck Thompson,” she says. “It has so much witty, sarcastic humour.”

Elaine was previously seen here.

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