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Ixora has become a bit of a familiar figure at Raffles Green, where we bump into her again. She’s in her usual style of fuss-free clothes, and says that her outfit of choice at the moment is an ensemble of a plain t-shirt, culottes, a pair of sandals or heels, and a pair of dangling earrings. “It is usually the first thing that comes to my mind when I’m deciding on my outfit of the day,” she says. “I think everyone should have basic tees, culottes, maxi skirts and jeans in their wardrobes.” While Ixora is still working part-time, she already has an idea of what her ideal workplace would be like. “Somewhere with an open concept, with lots of plants, simple and clean,” she says. “It would also have a cheerful environment where people can truly be themselves at work. A place that spreads positive vibes is ideal!” In the meantime, Ixora seeks out locations  that help her to get through her workload, particularly when she has extra work to do on weekends. “I’d bring my work to a place where I can unwind and slowly work on the tasks simultaneously. A place with good food and music really helps me to tackle the extra work without feeling too stressed out,” she says. “I wouldn’t mind spending my weekends working if I was at my favourite café, because comfort food is always the way to go.” Other things that Ixora draws comfort from are her favourite movies, ranging from Mean Girls, to A Walk To Remember, and Her, and also drawing, something which she wishes she had more time to be doing. “I’d love to spend all day drawing in ink or painting on a canvas.” Ixora was previously seen here.

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