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While we can’t travel yet, what’s the first place you’re hoping to set off to once we can? 
I would love to go back to Melbourne for a visit. I was studying there for a year during my university days, and I fell in love with the city then.

What’s a skill that you feel should really be taught in school, but is currently not? 
While I do not have any specific skill in mind, I do feel that children should be taught self-love. This is so important for personal growth and development, yet easily misplaced or disregarded by us.

We know you’ve always been musically-inclined: share with us a little more about your affinity with music.
Prior to entering the financial industry, I was pursuing a music diploma at NAFA—I was majoring in pipa, a Chinese instrument. I first picked up the violin when I was seven, and then liuqin, another Chinese instrument at eight, and when I was ten, I was introduced to the pipa: amongst all of the instruments that I can play this remains my favourite even though I may not look like someone who has a passion for oriental music. I eventually stopped pursuing it but I still pick up my instruments to practice from time to time.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? 
I once packed my bag, went to the airport, bought a single ticket and flew to Bangkok to find my best friend. I remember my mom fuming when she found out (laughs).

If you could have any band or singer compose the soundtrack of your life, who would you choose? 
Eric Chou! There isn’t a logical explanation to this; I just love his well-written compositions.

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