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Share with us a little more about your favourite corner in your room! 
My favourite corner has got to be my mini jungle by the window. Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is to walk to my plants and hope I see a new growth. I really do enjoy watching them, it really helps to take my mind off things.

When did your love for plants start and what have you learnt during your green journey?
I received a mini succulent from a friend and placed it by the window thinking it was fake. The next few days, I saw it stretch towards the light and realised—it was real! That kickstarted my green hobby.

Plants have really taught me the art of letting go. In the earlier stages of my hobby, I only bought succulents but most have died in my care—I just did not have enough sunlight for them to thrive. I refused to admit that this was the reason until my eyes finally opened one day. I realised I had to accept that foliage plants would do better in my home. Since then I’ve learnt to let my love for succulents go and embraced other plants. To this day, I’m still learning to let go of the plants that are not thriving and forgiving myself for the mistakes I’ve made with them—as with all other things in life!

If you could only dress yourself in one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 
Red. I love all colours but red makes me feel good in particular.

How did your love for fashion change during the Circuit Breaker/WFH period? 
Circuit Breaker has really toned me down: nowadays I’m really muted and try to go for statement jewelry instead of statement clothes. But of course, there are days I still go full out!

What’s one trait of your significant other that you realise you’ve adopted as yours over the years (or vice versa)? 
I used to be late all the time and Jeremy used to get really upset by my tardiness but I have learnt the importance of punctuality from him through understanding that being punctual equates to honouring someone else’s time!

Personally, what do you think your idea of happiness is? 
The answer to this question has changed so many times over the years. When I was young, happiness meant that I belong and that I’d stop getting bullied. When I was studying in Lasalle, happiness meant graduating and finally being in the theatre industry and doing what I love. Most recently, happiness meant that I would one day receive the news that my grandmother is free from cancer. For now, my idea of happiness is a form of peace that surpasses all understanding and knowing that whatever happens in life, I will be okay.

If you could give a word of advice to an 18-year old Brenda, what would it be?
You are beautiful and you are enough.

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