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I’m from Mongolia.
I’ve been here for four months and I love the environment—it’s really corporate and it’s good for career advancement. I just don’t really like the weather as it’s really hot. Summer in Mongolia is dry so there’s no humidity.

Can you share a little bit more about Mongolia?
Mongolia is very unique. If you Google Mongolia, you’ll see a lot of mountains and countryside but actually, we have the city as well. Although it cannot be compared to Singapore, we have a lot of developments and we do have a corporate side to the city. If you’d like to travel, this period of time is really good as you get to enjoy the summer there.

What made you decide on the move to Singapore?
I was here last October to see my girlfriends and I went to Ce La Vi. I was a bit tipsy, and I looked at the view of Singapore and I thought, “Why don’t I move here?” The quality of life is really good here, compared to Mongolia. 

What are some of your favourite foods back home?
I actually really like the traditional meals which are full of red meats and heavy food. It’s too hot in Singapore to have that, so I’m changing my diet completely to fish and chicken.

Some things I can’t live without in my wardrobe:
My yoga clothes! I do yoga about three to four times a week as I fall sick a lot. I arrived in February this year and back in Mongolia, it was -30ºC. It was almost a 60ºC difference and my body couldn’t take the change well. Yoga is really helping me get better.

Something interesting about me:
Hmm, I’m a really straightforward person—everyone that I meet says that I can be very sweet and aggressive at the same time. (laughs)

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