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Something people don’t really know about me:
I like to watch 9PM dramas on Channel 8! (laughs)

If you could time travel and re-experience a moment all over again, what would it be and why?
I’d go back to my university days when I went on exchange to Korea. They were the most carefree days because we didn’t have to think about studies and my parents weren’t there. (laughs) We could do a lot of things, have fun, and hang out.

Something I’d tell my younger self:
You should be more daring and bold.” I come from a conservative family and my parents would always tell me to study. I don’t have many fun stories to tell but I do get excited when I hear how my friends would climb over the gates of the school when they were late. I would have loved to do something like that aside from caring only for my grades back in school.

If you had more time to do something, what would it be and why?
I think I would continue dancing. I did Chinese dance previously, but when I was younger, I wanted to do ballet and my parents wouldn’t let me! I would like to learn ballet and contemporary dance if I had the time.

A skill I’d like to master:
Floral arrangement. I love flowers and I’m a girly girl.

If you could be a flower, what flower would it be and why?
A sunflower, because they make people smile and I’d like to do that.

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