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Carrie K

Kyna may be decked in grey, but take a closer look and you’ll see little details that make her outfit come to life. Her dinosaur necklace, for example, or her elaborately-decorated nails with cats on them, and her metallic shoes. We also catch a peek of her bejewelled phone case, and there’s even a story behind one of the bracelets she’s wearing: the custom-made bracelet is engraved with the coordinates of a place that holds special memories for Kyna. That’s not to say that her dress itself is boring; quite the opposite, in fact, and we’re pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s from a store that stocks local designs, all in monochromatic colours — perfect for Kyna. “I wear mostly black, white, and grey — a lot of solid colours,” she says. “I don’t wear prints because I find them too busy for me.” Kyna says she’s usually in formal wear on most days, actually, and today’s look is a casual Friday outfit. Although work is getting busy for Kyna, she’s planning to take a short trip to Hong Kong for some time off. Other than that, she laughs when we ask her about her work-life balance. “There’s no ‘life’!” she says. “It’s all work, all the time.” At least we can see that she manages to have some fun with her style, once in a while, and maybe that’s where all her cute little accessories come in handy to get her through the days.
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