Dolce & Gabbana

Ashwini’s pet peeve when it comes to the way people look when they are dressed up for work: poor grooming. “A bit of makeup, done well, goes a long way,” she says. “You should dress neatly and be office appropriate, even if it’s not fashion forward.” Describing her own style as fashion with an edge, Ashwini personalises her outfits by using colours that pop. “This includes shoes anchored by a neutral element,” she says. “I also accessorise with a good watch, good quality jewellery, and a great bag.” Ashwini works as a headhunter, which means that she has to adhere to a relatively formal dress code, although she doesn’t find any problems because she loves to dress up. “I love my job is highly interactive,” she says. “I have a genuine curiosity and interest in people, and in this job I get to meet, interact, and build relationships with an amazing range of them,” she says. As a working mother, she finds it important to always make time for her family, no matter the demands of her job. “Given the nature of my work, I work even on weekends and evenings, but time with my children takes precedence over everything,” she says. “I have to make sure I spend enough time engaged with them, uninterrupted.” It might sound demanding, but Ashwini also manages to make time outside of work for leisure pursuits. “I sing with a band, and spend a lot of time cooking and perfecting new dishes. I also run regularly and practice yoga,” she says. “All of these are my ways to keep up my energy levels to give my best to my kids, work and friends.” Ashwini shows us that maybe you truly can have it all, and we’re definitely taking a simple piece of advice from her: “Keep an open mind, learn as much as you can, and don’t take rebuffs personally,” she says. “Also, always look your best!”

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