Between The Lines





Dorothy Perkins





Something interesting about myself:
I have a meme album on my phone that I utilise every now and then when words aren’t necessary. Or when I just can’t even.

My dream office:
Somewhere on the beach with lots of light, free food, and coconut water. I mean, come on. 

Most memorable trip:
All trips have been pretty memorable, but the best one yet was the first time I went backpacking. I spent 19 days in Vietnam, over-wearing that Vietnamese flag tee, trying to be as cheap as possible and living out a cliche. Best trip ever. 

I don’t leave my house without something on my left wrist.
I’d like to think it connects whatever I put on (usually a bracelet with words on it) directly to my heart. Stuff like “conquer”, “love and light” and “everything happens for a reason” really help to get through the day. 

How do you destress or relax?
I do that heavy breathing thing, listen to music or take a walk. A hug helps. 

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