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I do leather crafting as a hobby.
I used to work at The General Company and one of my friends was teaching leather crafting there. I started attending the workshop, and crafted the wallet that I’m using now. You can actually finish it in one day but I like to take it slow—it’s quite therapeutic.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
To come back to design. I have a diploma in mechanical engineering, but even after secondary school I wanted to do design.

What I like most about design:
It’s a part of life and a way of communicating with people.

What I’m up to right now:
I’m taking a break, and I’m currently enrolled in a part-time design course. I would like to start my own brand, which is why I’m taking a course in corporate identity.

If I could do anything I wanted to:
I’d like to travel and do photography. I would like to go to the rural areas of Japan and maybe go trekking. I love Japan—the culture and the people. Everything you see in Japan has form and function.

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