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As the owner/director of an art gallery, what would you say are your biggest challenges? And what gives you the most joy?
Balancing between the practical side of making ends meet and exhibiting challenging and edgy good art and artists is the difficult part. Working with hardworking artists and tracking their success gives the greatest satisfaction.

I’d say to aspiring gallerists:
It is passion, patience, and sheer determination that counts.

Childhood pastime/favourite thing to do, growing up:
Cycling around in the neighbourhood and looking for push-cart food stalls—this tells my age!

Best piece of advice I’ve ever received:
Cook your own dinners as you know what goes into it!

Favourite comfort foods to eat:
Kway teow fishball soup.

Something that most people don’t know about you, off the top of your head:
I love Land Rovers, the older the better!

Angie is the Project Director for DISINI ( at Gillman Barracks.
D/SINI is on Facebook here and Instagram here

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