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Matter Prints


Matter Prints

Do you have any important considerations when buying clothes?
It’s been really hot these days, so I find myself choosing cooler materials or more cotton-based outfits. I prefer organic colours, so a large part of my wardrobe consists of neutral, earth-toned hues.

What’s the most crucial lesson your daughter has taught you?
Patience. I think she tests it quite a bit, but I’m learning to grow along with her, and I hope to be a more patient person going forward.

So far, what has been the toughest part of raising a kid?
I’m with my daughter all day, so as much as you’re always occupied, it’s also a matter of trying to find some time for yourself. It’s a challenge every homemaker faces and learns to adapt to.

One thing you’d like your daughter to always remember:
I want her to grow up not being afraid to be herself, no matter how different she may be.

What’s something indulgent that brings your comfort?
Bubble tea, for sure.

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