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I’m stopping by in Singapore as part of my Asia trip.
I’m travelling with my mother, and we’re headed to Kuala Lumpur next. I hope to come back soon and do a longer trip, because there’s so much to discover in Asia.

What’s been your favourite part of the trip so far?
I visited the National Museum of Singapore, and enjoyed my time there a lot. I’ve always been a big museum person, so I try to visit one in every country I visit.

Is there a museum everyone should have on their bucket lists?
I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, especially because I’m working in the fashion field. For people who watch the Met Gala, it’ll definitely be a memorable experience. I love MOMA in New York too, for those who are more into the creative arts.

Share with us something you’re working on right now.
I’m technically still in the fashion line but I’ve been dabbling in a new project—I’m currently working on opening a vegan restaurant because I strongly believe in healthy eating.

What’s one style tip you believe in?
Wear what makes you happy. My favourite colour’s yellow—it’s a bright and happy colour and I think it has the effect of naturally cheering me up.

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