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Katie Loxton


River Island

What are you currently doing?
I just came back from Scotland in June. I was there for two years to study. I’m still easing myself into life back here but I’m going to start looking for a job soon. It’ll probably be something temporary because I’m heading back to the United Kingdom next year to see my fiancé. He’s Scottish, so we might settle there instead because it’s really hot here and he can’t handle the heat. (laughs)

What do you like about Scotland?
The weather, definitely, but not so much of the food because Singapore’s food is unbeatable. I really missed chicken rice and rojak, those things, lah, because you can’t get them in Scotland. And there’re so many ingredients that go into each dish so even if you want to make it yourself, it’s so hard. If you’re cooking for one or two, it’s not worth the effort. (laughs) Besides the weather, the people in Scotland are also really nice. The whisky is good as well; I learnt to appreciate it when I was there, and it makes a good gift for friends.

One thing I wish I had more time to do:
Probably learning to cook. I definitely should’ve learnt to cook before going to Scotland because I can only cook really simple stuff. Specifically, I want to learn to cook chicken rice. I could eat that every day for every meal (laughs), so it’s definitely one dish I need to learn. I tried cooking it using pastes, but it’s not the same.

One lesson I’ve learnt from studying abroad by myself:
To always have an open mind, and faith in humanity, but at the same time being aware as well because not everybody is nice.

Scariest thing I’ve ever done:
Probably going overseas by myself—living on my own, not knowing what to do, and not having my parents’ financial support.

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