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Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 61 years old, but I’m still currently working as a civil servant, and I love to exercise and keep fit. In fact, I picked up weightlifting exactly a year ago. I also like to run and brisk walk, and I’m a grandmother to a pair of three-year-old twins (laughs).

Why did you decide to pick up weightlifting?
I wanted to keep my body strong and healthy, especially my bones, because I wanted to make sure that if anything were to happen to me, I wouldn’t suffer from any serious injuries.

What do you think are some misconceptions that people have about weightlifting?
That it’s very difficult to do, and that you will sustain a lot of painful injuries in the process. But actually, from the day I first started, I’ve felt no pain at all, and I really enjoy the entire process of it.

The gym that I go to, TECHNIQ, is very good. I like the way the instructors and trainers there teach us and guide us to make sure that we have the proper technique in the way we lift our weights. I never thought that I could ever deadlift 95kg, but I managed to do just that, which surprised me.

Is there anything that you’re hoping to accomplish with weightlifting?
I just want to continue lifting and see how far I can push myself.

But also, if they have weightlifting competitions for seniors, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try (laughs).

How has being a grandmother of twins been for you?
Good! I really enjoy my time with my grandchildren.

A perfect day out would be to take them to a new place and allow them to try new things. For example, when I take them to the Botanic Gardens, we will explore the area, look at the plants, and see if there are any interesting creatures and insects that we can spot. I just want to get them interested in the little things, and expose them to different experiences.

What do you love most about being a grandmother?
As a grandmother, I often look back and think “Oh, I could have done better,”, so I try to be better for them. But what I love most about it is being able to stretch my grandchildren in the way they think and speak.

Even though they’re only three, I try not to speak to them in baby talk, and I try to teach them as many things as I can, like simple addition and subtraction.

They’re actually very good at addition and subtraction despite their age. They can answer me straightaway if I remove a certain number from this, or if I add a certain number to that. I’ve also been teaching them to read.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid—life will work out on its own.

When you’re younger, there are a lot of uncertainties, and a lot of insecurities, but for me, as I grew older, I found myself becoming a lot more confident, especially after I hit my 40s. Now, I believe that anything is possible.

So there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just go ahead, don’t say die, and just do it! It can be done!

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