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What brings you to Chinatown?
My friends from Indonesia are visiting Singapore, so I’m just showing them around. They’re photographers, so I was bringing them around to take photos, and showing them around Chinatown. They actually came for the Sigur Rós concert, but I was working that night, so I wasn’t able to join them for that.

I have a good friend from Indonesia who used to study with me. We did our degree together and were really close, so I was always hanging out and staying over at their their house and whatnot, and I met all these other people naturally through the years, and we became good friends too.

So you’re a tour guide for the day then?
Yeah! Anytime they come over to visit, I’ll be sure to bring them around.

Whenever I’m in Jakarta, they’ll bring me around too. It’s like we’re family, really, so it’s only right for me to bring them around as well when they’re in Singapore. It doesn’t feel like a chore. I genuinely want to do it for them.

Do you have other close friends in the region?
Yeah, I have a lot of close friends around the world because I travelled for a bit pre-COVID and made quite a few good friends from those trips. When I’m overseas, I usually make friends through other friends, because normally when I travel, I have friends there that I’ll visit. Just be a nice person, and you’ll make lots of friends easily!

What about work? Can you tell us more about what you do at your job?
I’m a sports producer. One of my fondest gigs was doing the fan cams for Lion City Sailors, and one of the biggest events I’ve worked on was with a crowd of 60,000 people at the National Stadium for the International Champions Cup. That was when world famous teams like Chelsea and Liverpool come down to Singapore as part of their world tour.

Can you also tell us more about your tattoos?
I have one of my pet, and the rest of them are just random things. I have a tarot card tattoo, but I’m not really spiritual. I just try to be a good person. I mean, aren’t we all trying?

That’s a nice bag you’ve got there. Do you like Tarantino?
Yeah, he’s my favourite director. I like that he’s so in your face, and his love for feet (laughs).

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