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Tell us more about what you do as a designer. Was this something you always wanted to pursue?
I work as an Experience Designer, helping companies develop their digital presence and experience through the likes of AI.

I’ve always been very interested in designing. I used to draw, but rather than becoming an artist, I found more purpose in creating functional and usable designs.

In an alternate universe, what occupation do you think you’d be in?
Probably a teacher. Being an Experience Designer, everything I do has to be user-centric, so I’m always thinking from other people’s points of view. It’s something I find is missing in the world; sticking to just our own views can be limiting and lead to misunderstandings. That’s why I think it’s important to plant that idea at a young age, to encourage children to be curious and see things through a different lens.

Are you more introverted or extroverted?
Extroverted! We workshop a lot in the office, and I can tell that they suck a lot of energy from some team members who just want to be left alone. But for me, I love to be surrounded by people and I get energy from interacting with others—it just comes naturally to me.

What is fashion to you?
Whatever makes me feel comfortable and confident.

If you could wear only three colours for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Black, white, and maybe orange. Contrary to what I’m wearing today, which is not my typical style, black is my favourite colour. It’s just easier to mix and match.

What’s one thing you want to achieve before the year ends?
No goal in particular comes to mind, but I guess what I really want to achieve is inner peace (laughs). Work has been stressful, especially when we’re in an Asian country with a lot more pressure. A lot of the time we’re just in autopilot mode to get things done and meet other people’s expectations, right?

Well, on a trip to Paris last year, I found myself immersed in the culture and got reminded that a different lifestyle is possible. So this year, I just want to find a balance within myself and do what I think is right for me, without caring too much about other people’s judgment.

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