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What are the aspects of your job that are challenging?
That every day is about problem-solving, and some of those problems can be complex—space planning, working with colours and so on. What makes it rewarding is that there’s a sense of satisfaction when we have a tangible product to look forward to at the end of a project.

Describe your dream home.
It’s not something I’ve thought about, because I’m so busy all the time! (laughs) I also work mostly with hotels, so I’d say I prefer to have a home that looks and feels like a resort, with decor that’s casual and bright.

What’s the most interesting place I’ve been to?
I travel often for work, and I’d say it’s probably Toledo, Spain. It’s a really small town with interesting architecture, and it feels like an ancient city. It’s also a different experience from the big cities, which is what most people see of Spain.

Who are some people who inspire you?
My late boss Jaya Ibrahim, a famous interior designer who designed for the Capella Singapore hotel. I worked with him for five to seven years before starting up my own studio.

What’s an important piece of advice you learned from him?
As long as you believe in what you do, keep going, because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

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