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Young Hungry Free

Tell us about yourself—what do you do?
I work as an associate account manager at an advertising agency. I’ve been in this role for about three years, and I was studying communications before that, so it seemed like a natural progression.

Share with us some lessons you’ve learned from your work.
It’s not easy earning money! (laughs) That said, I enjoy my working experience more than my studies, and I’ve realised that there are a lot of skills that can only be learned in the workplace, such as writing professional emails, and giving constructive feedback to others.

What about the rewarding aspects of your job?
I’d say it’s seeing a campaign you’ve worked on come to fruition. I’m not involved in the creative work, but media buying is part of what I handle, and getting to see an ad go up There’s a sense of achievement

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve worn?
I can’t really think of anything; my fashion choices are usually quite safe, and I’m someone who plans out their outfits beforehand. It’d probably be in my teenage years, when I was following whatever was trendy—sometimes I look back and go “what was I thinking?” (laughs)

If you had advice for your younger self:
Don’t worry too much, and trust that everything’s going to be okay.

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