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You’re a cofounder at a tech company that revitalises spaces—how did you get into what you’re doing?
I work with a lot of MNCs, and I was interested in seeing the transition in how people work with the current generation of millennials and Generation Z youths. Plus, with the rise of co-working, I thought that would be the right path to go.

We’re sure you’ve visited a lot of spaces—have there been any that have inspired you?
Marina Bay Sands. I think it’s just beautiful and very unique in terms of the architecture.

Which part of India are you from, and what do you miss most about home when you’re away?
I’m from Kerala, though I haven’t been back in about 10 years. The thing I miss the most is the food, especially some spicy dishes that you really can’t find here.

Describe your dream home:
A small apartment facing the sea.

If you could live in a TV series, what would it be and why?
Friends. My favourite character is Phoebe because she’s quirky, and I think she’s actually very intelligent.

Dream project you hope to work on someday:
Maybe to build one of the best smart buildings in the world! One building I’m really interested in is called The Edge in the Netherlands.

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