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Sing Hong
Graphic Designer

Share with us how your interest in design started and where it’s heading.
I’ve always been creative since young. I remember scrapbooking and journalling back in secondary school, which allowed me to expand my creative juices and have fun with layouts, typography, and visual hierarchy. From there, I was determined to learn graphic design, become a designer, and make beautiful things.

I’m now a graphic designer at a creative agency, and I’m hoping to get more in touch with coding materials to create experimental works that involve new levels of interactivity.

What was the most memorable project you’ve worked on thus far?
It might be cliché to mention my own university Final Year Project, but that was definitely a core memory for me.

I investigated sound experiences to re-examine our relationships with both man-made and natural soundscapes in Singapore. I took a leap of faith and dove into creative coding, which led me to exploring sound design and soundscape ecology. Creating something entirely out of my comfort zone was scary yet so refreshing and fun! Working alongside my peers was also something I really cherish.

This is yet another reason I wish to continue exploring the coding realm as it’s multi-layered and has so much potential.

We see that you have many side ventures too. Can you tell us more about them?
I have too many hobbies and urges to create many, many things!

In 2020, I ventured into pottery and started my ceramics brand @rousong.ware. I love exploring with clay as I learn something new about the medium every time. Pottery is not just a craft but also a science too, so it involves lots of experimenting along the way. To date, I’ve sold mugs, planters, and even incense holders, and I’m honestly still shocked that people enjoy my products. There are some upcoming launches and collaborations that I’m really excited to share soon, so do stay tuned!

I’m also part of the collective @variegated.friends which I started with a bunch of friends in university. Variegated focuses on books, publications, and objects rooted in design, research, and learning. We work across multiple disciplines with collaborators from diverse backgrounds, so each project is truly a unique endeavour.

Oh, and did I mention that I used to have a home-baking business too? But that’s a story for another time (laughs).

How do you find the time to pursue so many interests?
I believe that if I want to make something happen, I’ll find the time to do it no matter how tired I am. It all comes down to managing my time well so that I have enough time to meet deadlines.

Whenever I feel burnt out, I’d naturally take breaks to recharge and reset myself for the next set of challenges. Heading out into nature really helps, but sometimes simply starting the day at a slower pace is enough.

What’s the biggest career or life goal you have at this point in time?
To achieve a good work-life balance, work with amazing collaborators, and continue pursuing my passion in the creative field. Apart from that, I hope to spend more time with my loved ones and perhaps try to live a bit healthier (laughs).

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