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Living by the motto of “damned if you do, bored if you don’t”, Danielle’s carpe diem attitude is mirrored in the alternative lives she envisions herself in: “I would like to be the captain of a party boat sailing the high seas eight months a year. Or be a detective for cold cases. And when those fail, like they probably would, I’d buy a huge cat and make money off its Instagram account.” We are almost disappointed that Danielle loves her work in the creative industry too much to leave, naming the open-mindedness, compulsory communication with her colleagues and open dress-code as her favourite parts of the job. Some things she’s learnt along the way? “Be brave in speech. If you don’t ask for what you want, no one’s going to know that you want it. Never underestimate your self-worth.” She admits it can be hard to have a work life balance but tries to remind herself about her borders. “Honour punctuality at work, punch in at the right time, but also know when to punch out. Know when to say no to work,” she says. When she does get off work though, her hobbies range from the typical to the downright mischievous. “I do yoga three to four times a week, play computer games, hog people’s pets and laugh at drunk Zouk kids.” Danielle’s already embarked on her latest adventure: she’s recently moved to Bangkok for work.

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  • I met Danielle Back in 2014 on a trip to Singapore.
    She is a great person with great energy and wild ideas !
    Really enjoyed the time we spent together !


  • Oh wow this post is awesome so are you guys thank you!! I just got around to looking at it proper. Do you think I could get slightly higher res images of #2 and #5?