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Welcome to Singapore! Where are you from?
I’m from Pingtung City in Taiwan and it’s my first time visiting Singapore.

How are you liking the city so far?
It’s been pretty good soaking up the uniqueness of the city, visiting temples of different cultures and trying local foods—my favourites are desserts like pandan chiffon cake and rainbow lapis!

I’m a plant person, so what I’ve enjoyed the most so far is admiring the green landscape. The city is designed so well with greenery weaved into the whole place. Also, I’m so impressed that there are department stores and convenience stores everywhere!

Your hair’s pretty long. How long did it take to reach this length?
Seven to eight years. I didn’t choose to grow my hair out for any particular reason but it’s useful for me as a performer because I don’t have to wear wigs on stage.

How long have you been performing and what do you enjoy most about your job?
I’ve always been doing one form of art or another since I was young, from drawing and dancing, and eventually to theatre and even clowning. Professionally, I’ve been doing this for 15 years.

What gives me most joy when performing is being able to create beautiful memories for audiences in just a short span of an act. I love creating spectacular shows for people of all ages through choreography and special effects.

What types of performances are your favourite?
Ones that involve a lot of depth in narrative plots, or those that allow me to use dynamic body movements and music to portray different emotions to the audience.

Did the Covid-19 pandemic have a big impact on your livelihood?
It was incredibly tough as all our work had to be postponed or cancelled. I had to tap into my savings to survive because I did not have any income for three years. Not just us performers, but all artistes were hit really hard in that time.

Thankfully, things are slowly getting better now. Work is on an upward trajectory for sure. In fact, I hope to one day be able to perform here in Singapore!

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