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Tell us what you do for work. How did you decide on this career path?
I’ve been a fitness coach at a gym for the past five years, offering functional and strength training to people of all ages.

I used to be a graphic designer before this. Back then, I was very unhealthy and had no work-life balance. I’m still working long hours now, but at least I’m more active and it’s been so rewarding to see my clients move more and build their confidence.

I was also once an obese kid, so I can relate to the whole weight loss process.

Has your active lifestyle influenced those around you?
My sister is a physiotherapist, and she’s actually the one who inspired me to get into fitness. Now, the both of us will encourage our family to partake in outdoor activities, like hiking and cycling, on the weekends.

Is there a goal you’re currently working towards, be it at work or in your personal life?
Right now, my goal is to just be happy and find contentment in all that I do.

Although I love my job, I think I might be spending too much time at the gym (laughs). There’s this saying, ‘Gym is love, gym is life’. Well, I don’t want my whole life to revolve around the gym, so I’m making it a point to spend more time with my loved ones and strengthen my social life outside of work.

How do you practise self-care?
The gym is always crowded, so I prefer being in a quieter space when I’m off work. I like visiting cafes to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book; reading helps to clear my mind and relax.

Share with us your current read. 
Tiny Traumas: When You Don’t Know What’s Wrong But Nothing Feels Right by Dr. Meg Arroll. The book touches on childhood traumas and how they build character. It’s helped me understand myself better by reflecting on my experiences growing up.

It’s your cheat day! What will you be eating?
My go-to is anything from McDonald’s! I may be a coach, but I have my cheat meals too. I believe that we can be flexible with our diets as long as we eat in moderation and just focus on moving more. I always tell my clients that staying active throughout the day is what’s most important.

Sometimes, when I want a quick breakfast, I’ll grab a McBreakfast and eat it sneakily inside the physical trainers’ stall (laughs).

Outside of the gym, what are some things that you enjoy?
Well, I’m a big Nike Air Max fan, so I enjoy collecting them, and currently own about 20 colourways. I wear a different colour everyday, depending on my mood—red if I’m angry, yellow if I’m in a good mood—and I’ll match my socks with whatever pair I’m wearing too.

Since it’s the end of the week, I’m feeling more relaxed, which is why I’ve gone with a blue pair for the day, as you can see (laughs).

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