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You’ve gone through a few hair changes since your previous feature—what inspired the change?
I wanted to try Afro actually, but neither the hair stylist nor I had the confidence to do it, so we ended up with this hairstyle instead.

If you could learn a single dance move with zero restrictions, what would it be?
Flexing and bone breaking. It would be a cool trick to show off or prank people with.

3 song you’d recommend to people to get to know you better?
Nobody Weird Like Me by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Cat Goes Moo by Joe Nora
Compliments by Kollektivet

My guilty pleasure is:
Peeling off the dead skin on my lips

What prompted you to make the decision to incorporate more thrifted pieces in your wardrobe?
It started when I was still in school. Back then I just wanted something that’s less mainstream but affordable, but now I actually enjoy the process of thrifting—it’s like digging for gold, because you never know what you’ll find.

Who would be your ideal celebrity to work with on a project?
Oh Hyuk from Hyukoh. I’m a fan of his music and I think he has a unique eye for aesthetics. It might also be fun to make him try out some wigs.

Wu Tong was previously featured here and here.

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