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On a day-to-day basis, Wu Tong says she usually dresses in an ensemble of black and white. She prefers comfort over brands or trends, and sticks to basic silhouettes because they are safe. “I have an obsession with white shirts,” she admits. To her, fashion is about attitude. “What you wear says a lot about who you are. If you feel good in the clothes you wear, it will look good.” As a fashion student, Wu Tong says that the biggest challenge she faces in school is a lack of sleep when she’s trying to catch up with all her work, but she also finds it tough to deal with the comparison she feels between her and other students. “Being surrounded by talented and capable coursemates, it’s hard not to feel inadequate at times,” she says. “But it serves as a form of motivation, something that drives me to improve myself constantly.” Despite the amount of work she has to do, Wu Tong emphasises the importance of prioritising and knowing when she should work and when she should take time to rest, and tries her best to not compromise personal time even when she’s caught up with school or other commitments. Being in a state of solitude is something she finds particularly enjoyable. “I think being alone allows my mind to pause and ponder,” she says. “A better way to rest than sleeping, actually.”

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