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Tiffany & Co.

How would you describe your personal fashion sense?
I do know that black and comfort are my main considerations—95% of my clothes tops and bottoms are black! I also very much love vintage dresses as well. And a fun fact—I can’t forgive myself for not keeping my old low-waisted /low-cut jeans.

We know you and your family create a zine together every year—tell us more about it!
I was working as a graphic designer before I decided to stay home for the children, and the zine came up as an opportunity for us to work on something creative as a family. It’s nice for me to stay in touch with that side of myself. Over the years, we’ve managed to explore different ideas, and for the kids, it’s a chance to pick up skills.

You’re quite hands on about creative education. Do you have any tips for other parents who’d like to get their own kids acquainted with their creative side?
The thing is, there’s no young kid who wouldn’t want to do something fun or make a bit of a mess. It’s the same concept as getting them to do sports—if you bring them out to a field and ask them to play, it’s very unlikely that any of them will say no. Of course, you can’t force the child to be creative either; you have to be willing to give them their own space. You can start off by having them sit at a table full of crayons, and see where their interest leads them.

Personally, what has been something good for you about the past year?
It’s been quite nice to have Pann, my husband, at home, because it gives him more time with the children. He usually works long hours, so WFH for us have been a good chance to have more family time.

As a parent of two school-going children, how different has their education experience been?
Sometimes, I do feel sad for the younger kids who’ll grow up knowing only the ‘new’ normal. These are little things in retrospect, but when they’re taken away from you, you start to long for them. Activities like sporting competitions and camps are no longer there or are conducted very differently, and this affects their development too.

How do you find solace during times of crisis?
I’m blessed and thankful to have a close-knit family, including friends who have become my family. So in any period of my life that I have had to go through any tough and rough patches, I’ve never had to go through them alone.

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