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Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I used to live in India for three and a half years but I never had Indian food there. It’s too spicy—I can’t take it!

If you could turn back time and relive one moment in life, which would it be?
I would definitely go back to the time when both my father and brother were still here, which was more than 20 years ago. There are bunch of questions I want to ask them.

Describe your most memorable trip.
It’ll be my trip to Vienna in 2013. I spent a week there and had my itinerary all planned out. However, once I arrived in the city, I saw so many street performers and cancelled all plans to spend the time to watch them.

If you could recommend a place to go to in Japan, where and why?
I believe many people will love Hokkaido. They have the best food—try the seafood, meat, and vegetables there. November till March may be way too cold for some people though!

Tell us about someone you’re most proud of and why.
My super grandma. She was always optimistic and enthusiastic even though she had to undergo artificial dialysis three times a week. She enjoyed her life as much as possible. She loved karaoke and sang four to five times every week. She showed me how to enjoy life even in the most difficult of times.

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