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Tell us more about yourself.
I’m originally born in Indonesia, but I see myself as a Singaporean. I served NS, and I spent part of my childhood here, so I do feel that I’m more connected to here than I am to any other place. I was educated in an international school setting, so part of me wishes I did public schooling here.

Share with us something interesting about your outfit today.
My blazer’s actually repurposed from an old Pedro uniform. It was an old sample blazer about to be thrown away, and it fit me really well. It’s hard to find any formal blazers with such a good fit without tailoring, so I decided to keep it.

Who are your biggest sources of inspiration?
I’m very easily influenced by music—and I’ll willingly admit that I’m definitely a boyband type of person. It’s influenced my dressing sense: my favourite high-street brand is Saint Laurent, which is a brand Harry Styles favours. Apart from that, I’ve always wanted to pursue music professionally.

If you could describe yourself as a dish, what would it be?
I think a really good burger—because it’s so balanced. You’ve got your recommended amount of veggies, you’ve got your meat with your sauce, and you’ve got your buns, which are your carbs. You could say I’m a whole meal, not wholemeal (laughs).

What’s one movie you’ve seen recently that you felt was overhyped?
The new Men In Black was really disappointing. I think they tried to sell the movie on the chemistry that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson shared, and the trailer looked so good, but there was nothing to hold up the movie.

Where do you see yourself a decade into the future?
I hope to be pursuing music full-time. I currently write and produce my own music, and have my own Spotify page. I’ve got two songs out right now, and I’ve been trying to get my voice out more. It’s harder to break into the arts scene in Singapore, but I’m trying my best.

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