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I’m not usually on this side of the camera.
I’ve been working in the advertising field for ten years, dealing more with accounts. Advertising is very tough work but I do enjoy the challenges that come with it. Being in front of a camera is always a new experience (laughs).

How did you get into your current line of work?
My mother’s always been in this field, so I think it was a natural decision for me when I stepped out of school.

Share with us something many people might not know about you.
My work wardrobe actually consists of maybe ten-odd outfits. My work is very busy, and I have a kid as well, so I don’t have the time to chase trends or buy clothes every season. I like sticking to items I’m comfortable and familiar with.

How would you describe your fashion sense?
I like picking items that seem timeless to me. I don’t believe in fast fashion, and I usually choose items that are simple and can last me for a while.

Is there a recent fashion trend that you’re not too fond of?
I think all fashion trends have their negative points (laughs). People tend to chase after trends, and I find that it leads to a lot of wastage, because once the trend passes, those items get thrown away too.

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