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What’s an important step in your daily routine?
My cup of tea in the morning. I grew up drinking tea, so whenever I don’t have it, my morning feels quite incomplete.

So would you say you’re more of a tea person than a coffee person?
I’d say I’m a bit of both—I can’t skip my tea, but I usually start craving for coffee around the afternoon, when I’m done with my lunch. I just need coffee to get myself through the rest of the day.

What’s a style tip that you’d share with people?
Taobao will always surprise you (laughs). I don’t think fashion needs to be over-the-top or too expensive, or even too brand-focused. It just needs to be something you’re comfortable with.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?
I tend to wear bright and warmer colours a lot more. It’s quite varied in terms of choices, but I prefer having a pop of colour.

What would be your ideal occupation?
I would love to be an urban farmer. I know Singapore is already very green, but I think we can utilise space better. We’re in a concrete jungle where the roofs and walls are free for us to use—they should be populated with foliage. I’m taking baby steps to get there, but I hope to explore it one day.

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