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Issey Miyake



With quick quips and cheeky throwaways, Jieying carries herself the same way she describes her personal style: classic with quirk. She believes in dressing professionally and describes inappropriate clothing as one of her pet peeves. “Some folks dress for the body they want, not what they have. It’s okay if they’re going out on their own time, but it’s rather scary to be walking behind someone in the office with a skirt so short I can see up to Canada.” At work, Jieying chooses to express her unique style through small personal touches like brooches, rings and accessories. “They pull together any outfit nicely, so I look like me,” she says. Jieying loves her job so much that she has never gotten a case of the Monday Blues. “If I could choose again, I’d still be in this job. Unless you count being a Toto winner as a legitimate profession.” With regard to work-life balance, she holds a piece of advice from a previous boss in high esteem. “He told me, ‘We can never finish work. You just have to go home, try not to think about it, and come back tomorrow to start afresh’,” she says. When not at work, Jieying loves good food and the occasional big adventure. “I’m a big foodie, which is relevant to my work too. So a lot of time is spent exercising my chomper, which is sadly pretty much all the exercise I do! But sometimes I go crazy and climb a mountain like Mt. Fuji on a whim.”

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