When we last met Marlene, she was just about to commence her studies in Fashion Design; today, she jokingly shares with us some common misconceptions about design students that she can readily dispel. “People think that art schools are very relaxed, and there’s nothing much to do everyday but to dress up and look good.” Judging from our previous encounters, Marlene’s quite the style chameleon. “I think over the years I have outgrown simply following what most people would wear these days. Now I’m into vintage, drape detailing, or simple outfits when I’m just too tired.” If she had to choose, however, her favourite trend of the moment is prints. “I’m also very interested in African textiles as I’m doing motifs and designs for my school projects.” At school, Marlene’s designs are guided by a piece of advice she previously learnt, given by her ex-teacher. “Details are very, very, very important. Which is why, every time I do my work, I emphasise on the details.” While Marlene admits it can be hard finding a balance between school, family, and friends, she is trying to keep it together with good management. “Manage your time, emotions, family and friends, and relationships. Everything is about managing these properly and moving forward.” If Marlene had the extra time, though, she’d love to pick up cooking from her boyfriend who is working in a restaurant. “I tried to make baked pasta for my family once; it looked good on the outside but tasted just okay on the inside. I can’t cook, that’s for sure!”

Marlene was last seen here and here.

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