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Serving up a wondrous cocktail of style, this colourful one enchants with her eclectically curated ensemble. Taking the term ‘canvas of expression’ to a whole new level, the bubbly one never fails to delight and inspire with her wildly creative pairings. Looking like a character out of a whimsical Japanese novel or movie, she pairs an artfully illustrated long-sleeved top with a pleated, blue metallic skirt and shoes of the same shade. A slew of bright, bold accessories – from a felt cloche hat adorned with pom poms, to a hefty gold necklace to sparkly, mermaid-blue framed shades and her very own, self-designed YES tote, reflect her rich, faceted style. Linda is currently inspired by designer, Manish Arora and kicks back to TV shows like Running Man. Check out YESAH here, and hear it from Linda herself in the making-of the YES Tote video.

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