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People don’t know this but…
I’m kind of an introvert, although people who don’t know me very well would say otherwise. I love spending time at home cooking, or baking for my family and friends. 

Most ridiculous outfit I’ve worn:
Probably when I thought it would be cute to wear a pair of leopard-printed harem pants when I was 16. How wrong was I?!

How did you come to be doing what you’re doing right now?
I studied fashion (retail and visual merchandising) in school and back then, I was a part-time assistant to a fashion stylist. That was how I got to know more people in the industry, and it was pretty easy for me to land a job fresh out of school.

Favourite movie:
Oh wow, this is a really tough question. Maybe…American History X? Either that or The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I can’t decide between the two! 

Best piece of advice I’ve ever received:
Growing up, my mom always told me that my silence would not protect me. She has taught me that empowered women, empower women.

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