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We haven’t met you for quite some time—how have things been since we last spoke?
Whenever people ask me how I’ve been doing, the only answer I can truly give is that life has been bizarre (laughs). I’ve been living in Johor Bahru for a few years now, but the current Covid-19 situation brought me back to Singapore. It’s difficult because I have a life there but I’ve had to make a life here too over the past few months.

What’s one thing you’re always grateful for?
I’m grateful to have my family around me, especially my nephew. I’ve been helping to babysit him over this period and he keeps me busy the entire day. It’s important to find gratitude in every situation, so that even in the worst of times, you can find the light at the end of the tunnel. There are so many others who have lost family members, so I feel it’s been a privilege to have them with me.

You’ve also ventured into conscious living recently.
My interest in this first started during my time in Thailand, when I started learning about macrame art. I was there during the lockdown period, which really gave me the time and space to practice yoga, pick up knowledge about crystals, and perfect my macrame skills. The interest increased along with the knowledge.

Share with us the three most important items you always carry with you:
Essential oils, sanitiser, and my phone. I’m quite adventurous and I like exploring different scents but the usual ones I carry with me are spearmint and lavender. Spearmint is good to refresh you, especially when you get a little sleepy during the day. Lavender is good to destress and help you calm down during stressful situations. It’s sometimes my way of showing care for people.

What’s one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learnt recently?
Compassion and being inclusive. If you pick up new skills or find information that has helped you, it’s important to pass it on and share it with other people. This sense of sharing is something I’ve learnt a lot from.

Share with us something that has changed for you this year.
My relationship with fashion changed recently—five years back, I’d have known every fashion brand that you name-dropped, but today, I’m more focused on organic and ethical brands.

What pushed you towards this path?
I used to love collecting beautiful clothes, and fashion was a way for me to express myself—but once I realised how much garbage we’re collecting on this planet due to fashion, it truly opened up my eyes to the understanding that less is more. Now, before I buy a certain item, I tend to think more than twice about if I really need it and if it can sustain me for a long period. If I can make the items, I will.

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