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Alexandra Alberta

Tell us about what you’re wearing today.
My romper is a gift from a very fashionable friend. I’m grateful for friends like her who know me well enough to pick out what suits me! My accessories are all from friends who make jewellery. I’m not really an accessories person, but it makes sense to support my friends who make these lovely pieces.

Goals for the new year:
I really hope to find more time to volunteer for causes and projects that I really enjoy. Last year, I spent a week volunteering an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, and also helped out a little at the Singapore Biennale. My work as a corporate slave keeps me really busy so it’s even more important to find time to do the things I’m passionate about. It makes me feel more human.

Any other hopes?
For governments around the world to be able to work together to stem the ecological disaster coming our way if we don’t do anything about climate change. 

Best thing that happened in 2016:
I finally found the guts to travel alone by myself for a considerable time of two weeks. Previously, as a trade journalist, I would travel for a few days on my own after completing a press junket, but I’ve never actually planned an entire solo trip by myself.

How was it?
I found the experience of travelling alone as a woman really liberating and empowering. I’m particularly conscious of this because we live in a time when a current president of a certain country thinks it’s okay to be sexist and disrespect women. The issue of gender equality has become more important than ever. 

My dream home would have:
An outdoor rain shower that’s at least two storeys high for that really shiok rain effect!

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