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How did you start working with watches?
I’ve actually been into watches and fashion since I was young, and these two come together. I feel that a watch actually shows a person’s personality and character, and that what makes a good watch is the craftsmanship, effort, and time put into the whole process. I’m the only one interested in fashion in my family, and somehow I’ve influenced my mum so she’s slowly starting to dress up more.

When it comes to dressing:
For work, I look for pieces that are smart, or have something different. For example, if it’s a white shirt, I’d pick out one that’s textured, or has coloured buttons. On my off days though, you’d find me in a sweater and ripped jeans—more street.

Future plans/dreams:
I’ll be studying next year, something related to watches. But I hope to start my own watch brand. 

Scariest thing I’ve ever done:
Oh, jumping into the sea and trying to swim to the dock. I live around Keppel Marina, and I was drinking with a friend and we wanted to swim across to a yacht. We were a bit drunk but we made it!

My dream office:
Would have cabinets filled with watches from my own collection, beautiful oil paintings, and handmade sculptures.

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