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You’re from Russia; how do you like it here in Singapore so far?
It’s been nine years since I came to Singapore for work, and I love it here! Singapore has a great climate, and amazing food and people. My favourite local dish is laksa, and my favourite Singlish phrase is “okay lah”, which I use with my friends.

What are some similarities between Russia and Singapore?
The concept of gatecrashing is somewhat similar—when people get married in Russia, the groom has to answer difficult questions, or be penalised if he can’t. I think it’s super cute that it’s the same tradition, because you don’t get to see this in many countries. Besides that, I think people in Singapore and Russia are both direct as well.

A ‘random’ talent that I have:
I can write and draw with both hands. I started with the left hand, but was taught to use my right hand in school. I write better with my right hand, and draw better with the left.

What’s the nicest thing someone’s done for you?
It was super sweet for my husband to organise a surprise birthday party for me, and for my friends to come without me knowing. 

Share a lifehack:
Don’t try to plan your life, because that’s not going to work out. Just go with the flow, live in the moment, and make the most of it.

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