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People don’t know this but I…
Was born with an extra left thumb. My parents were cute—they didn’t want me to be different so I went for an operation when I was at a very, very young age. I have five fingers on my left hand now!

Secret ambition:
I’ve always wanted to be Miss Universe Singapore (laughs). That was until I realised I couldn’t meet the height requirement. I also wanted to be a lawyer because I thought I had the gift of the gab until I almost failed business law.

How did you come to be doing what you’re doing now?
Real simple! When I was 13 years old, my drama teacher told me that my voice was my asset. I didn’t understand what that meant, then. Obviously, being a teenager you just go bouncing around the hallways but I didn’t know that it would come to good use. I went into drama and I wanted to be a news presenter, but I think that’s a bit too serious for my quirky personality.

Scariest thing I’ve ever done:
Skydiving! I was in Wollongong, Sydney for a Tourism Australia campaign. I was challenged to do all these things and skydiving was high up on the list. It was scary but it’s so liberating—if you’ve ever skydived, you’ll understand what I mean. It’s a good thrill and I would do it again, but my advice to anybody who’s thinking of going skydiving is to do it in a scenic place.

A lot of people don’t think I’m Chinese.
They don’t even think I’m from Singapore, but I’m effectively bilingual—Chinese is something I’m really good at!

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