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Although Shengnan’s industry is very business-driven and professional, she’s actually very much free to wear whatever she wants. “I always pick pieces which are unique and carry a bit of coolness,” she says. “My hairdo and eye liner are two things that are kind of becoming my personal brand when it comes to styling myself. I’ve recently been wearing brightly-coloured lipsticks as well.” She gives some tips on how to dress for work, as she says that how you look says a lot about your personality, and can often affect how people perceive your capability at the job you do. “It’s important to figure out your personal style first. What you wear has to say something about you, and it has to make you feel confident and comfortable instead of copying someone else’s style which isn’t really you,” she says. “The key is to keep it simple but still sophisticated. Your overall look should have a focus or an eye-catching element — not more than two. As they say, less is more.” Shengnan is clearly into fashion, and says that she would love to be able to design fashion some day. “But don’t get me wrong, I still love my current job.  I have the freedom to do what I need and want to do, and I get to travel frequently for work. There’s lots of interaction with people and I’m constantly challenged and learning new things about my industry.” When it comes to just starting out in any career, Shengnan’s advice is to have your own opinions and be confident, even if you are a newbie. Although Shengnan’s no longer new to her job, she says she’s still finding it difficult to manage her time between work and life. “My work has been my life for the past few years,” she admits. “But I’m trying to enjoy myself more, doing what I want to do, such as oil painting. I just started an Instagram account to post my works!”

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