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A husband and a father to two lovely children, Deep and his family moved from Melbourne to Singapore in 2011, and we spotted the whole troop out on a mid-morning break. Describing his style in one word (“classical”), Deep says that he’s required to wear business attire at work, although he’s able to dress up or down as required. “When client meetings are on then we tend to dress up,” he says. “I like to personalize my outfit by having some items that subtly match each other — tie and socks, or shoe laces and shirt, for example.” He admits that men’s workwear can be hard to differentiate. “Most suits tend to look the same, so you have to look for a style and cut that matches your frame.” Ultimately, he believes that how you look matters, because “research indicates that people do judge a book by it’s cover”. Deep says that he would love to be a full-time dad, as “being a parent is the best profession”, and we clearly see how much family means to this man. “I believe that you should always make time for family and friends, over work. They won’t stop loving you when the next financial crisis or recession hits!”

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