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While Grace says she prefers to keep her work outfits simple and elegant — no bright colours or prints for her — she makes sure that her whole ensemble is well-put together. “I normally match my outfit to things like the way I do my hair, make up, and my shoes and bags. At work, I always wear covered heels as I find it more professional and classy.” In general, she thinks that people shouldn’t dress like they’re going to a “lingerie party” or like they don’t really care about their appearance, although she acknowledges that everyone’s preference is different and it isn’t up to her to judge. “I personally do not wear too girly or flowery clothes because they don’t fit me and my personality. But somedays you wake up not knowing what to wear, even though you have a huge closet full of clothes!” Citing her role model as Superwoman, Grace says that at work it’s important to be humble, patient, and not afraid to ask. “It’s possible to find a work-life balance,” Grace says. “Don’t give yourself excuses about why you don’t have the time. When there is a will, there is a way — or else, make one.” If she could, Grace would love to open her own “ugly homemade bakery” as she loves to bake and cook, combining recipes from everywhere. In life, she strives to be the sunshine to the people she cares about. “I try to always give a smile, because I’ll always receive one back; from the little girl peering out from her school bus, to the old uncle cleaning the floor.”

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