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Amanda says that her style isn’t so much influenced by time, trends, or fads, as much as it is by the people around her, such as her close friends. “I go through phases, and I’ve recently realised that I’m very into white and blue. I think I have either white or blue on me every day,” she says. “Also, as I age, I’m starting to believe in comfort over everything — I have my set of ‘overtime-ready clothes’.” She also says that she appreciates the privilege of casual dressing in the advertising industry, being able to wear jeans, sandals, and sneakers to work. When it comes down to it, Amanda has some simple advice for anybody just starting work. “The most important thing to do is to find the best coffee nearest to your work place, followed by bars with happy hour.” To destress from work, Amanda surfs through Instagram for photos of dogs, just before she goes to sleep, and when she’s feeling down, videos of babies eating lemons crack her up. “Like a very typical Singaporean, I really enjoy watching movies, eating, and travelling. My next trip is to Kyoto in Japan!” When work gets tough, it seems that her friends help her out and make sure that she gets time off. “I’m always double booking myself for meetings and appointments, and therefore I use a calendar on my phone to help keep track of everything. My friends send me calendar invites to lock down our dinner dates.” She’s also receiving a sewing machine from her friends as a birthday present, and that seems to be the next learning journey for Amanda, who believes that “we shouldn’t be going through life; instead, we should be growing through life.”

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