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Velda’s office doesn’t have any strict restrictions, which suits her “generally cheerful” style, in contrast to the dull black of most workplaces. “I like to play with colours while working within what complements my skin tone. It consists mostly of cooler colours.” Her only pet peeve when it comes to workwear is “non-flattering dresses and clothes that got thrown on without a thought”, and says it’s important to look presentable when she has clients that visit the office. Velda is currently working as an actuarial analyst, and is currently taking exams to become an actuary, which we found out is a person who analyzes the financial consequences of risk. “I like how I can apply statistical knowledge to the pricing of insurance premiums,” Velda says of her job. “Although I dislike the exams that I have to take!” Working life is different from studying, she says, because it’s not just about the studies anymore. “Build relationships and your network in the market,” she advises. “Also, chance upon opportunities given to you, no matter how small the problem.” She says that if she could do anything she wanted to, Velda would have liked to be an actress, and it seems that she’s no stranger to the stage — she plays in her church band. She also finds the time to try out new activities, recently going for kite boarding, cooking and baking lessons, although she finds it especially hard to manage a work-life balance, now that she has to study as well. “I try to keep one of my weekends free for my loved ones,” she says. “Personally, it’s about prioritising what is important to you.” And while Velda deals with statistics, logic, and mathematics at work, it seems she’s still a dreamer at heart — she loves to read fairytale romance stories, and lying down on the grass to gaze at the skies.

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