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While some might baulk at the idea of having to wear a uniform everyday, there’s something about no-brainer outfits that work without much effort, and that’s what Russel goes for when it comes to dressing up for work. “I try to keep it simple and pick only solid white shirts for work. The only variations with my shirts are the collar types, and I pair them with pants of various shades of blue and grey — but they all look the same really,” he says. “It’s not so much about reducing decision fatigue like Steve Job and Mark Zuckerberg, but rather, being able to wear my favourite work outfit every single day.” It all boils down to him picking a look that he’s comfortable with, and not being bogged down by trends, which he recommends for others as well. And while Russel only has three pairs of work shoes, he admits to having a penchant for shoes and collects pairs that he wears on his days off. Russel says he’s never really had a consistent hobby; instead, his hobby has always been about finding a hobby. “I enjoy exploring new things to do, new cities to visit or simply doing the usual mundane things differently,” he says. “The same applies to music and films. I’m listening to Deep House right now, and it’s the perfect companion for solo travels.” Something that he’s been working on recently, however, is home improvement. “It’s about building a man-cave to satisfy that primal, instinctual need to create a place that is a treat to come home to or have friends over.”

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