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Who are some artists whose work you like?
Pinaree Sanpitak, for manipulating form, colour, and scale in various mediums—her work is very impressive in how it transcends minimalist, feminist or Buddhist labels. I also love Patricia Perez Eustaquio, she works across painting, fabric, and installation but always with a distinct aesthetic. I love that her work swings between figuration and abstraction, and organic and manmade, and explores the relationship between people and objects, and consumption and desire. Marguerite Humeau and Carol Bove are also among my all-time favourites.

Do you have any irrational fears?
Dying in a lift, or being stuck alone in an elevator in free-fall. I used to live somewhere where the elevator would stall a few times going from one floor to another, and I’ve also spent a birthday afternoon stuck in another building’s elevator. Those incidents stand out because at one point the elevator went into free-fall for a few floors. I’ve been on rollercoaster rides with a similar premise but I didn’t find them as scary, so I think the fear really only strikes when I’m alone.

What do you always buy at the supermarket?
I buy a lot of ginger. I have it candied, in soup, in tea, and in a dipping sauce. It’s great for a lot of ailments but I just really like the taste of it. Also, I don’t have a habit of having coffee in the morning but I’ve read that many people use ginger as an alternative.

What’s one song you can sing entirely from memory?
I don’t like it at all, but right now the only song that I can repeat verbatim is Baby Shark, this children’s song. There’s a logical flow from stanza to stanza, and also, the rhythm is insanely catchy—I heard an acoustic version of it walking past a children’s party and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

What’s something you’d like to learn?
I want to know how to frame an artwork. I recently learnt what goes into mounting an artwork passe-partout, and I feel like I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of the process—matching frames to artwork, picking the right kind of mat, finding the right frame width—there’s so much work behind it, and it’s a very fascinating process. I’d also like to be properly literate in Mandarin and Tagalog so I can be quicker at reading the news and other things.

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